Republicans on education

What most individuals do not understand is republicans do not care anything about the middle class, especially in Texas.  They do not want to fund education because education leads to opportunity for all.  Republicans believe in the “New World Order,” meaning the haves and the have-nots (cutting out the middle class).  If education is taken away, then there is no ladder to climb to get out of poverty or make a decent wage.  If education is taken away then you only have the working poor working for the “megga rich.”  This is why Republicans allow our jobs to be shipped off to third world countries who do not have a minimum wage.  In every instance when jobs have been shipped off, those people are the working poor working for the “megga rich”  no middle class at all.  Republicans talk about welfare.  This is a form a welfare from the flipped side, making profit from slave labor.  Teachers in Texas need to open their eyes. If teachers are voting republican they are voting against their students, themselves and other fellow americans who are trying to live the American dream.


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